by Anthony Pappalardo and Max G. Morton

Americana / Youth Culture / Suburban Decay
Paperback with flaps
8 x 9.5 inches
240 Pages
over 300 full-color and black-and-white photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-580-3
$27.95 CAD


Live…Suburbia! is a collection of stories and images of the post-1960s subcultures that define America. It’s kids taking their urethane wheels to empty pools; picking British Punk in broad downstrokes and creating Hardcore. Live…Suburbia! is dedicated to denim devils twirling butterfly knives and hasty tags thrown down with Rust-Oleum touch-up paint stolen from your parent’s garage.

Documenting American subculture through images and anecdotes, from the juvenile KISS Army in oil-based face paint to the year punk broke, Live… Suburbia! celebrates the evolution of the teenage explorer. Rushing through years packed with ninjas, spike gauntlets, BMX dirt jumps, seven-ply skateboards, bathroom mohawks, skinheads, the straight edge, basement DJs, graffiti murals behind supermarkets, we finally arrive in the 1990s where it all collides.

Many have contributed to the highlight reel of restless youth and disposable landscapes, with Foreword by The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn and photographs from JJ Gonson, Gail Rush, Rusty Moore, Michael Galinsky, Theresa Kelliher, Ryan Murphy, Justine Demetrick, Casey Chaos, Eva Talmadge and London May and dozens more discovered along the road.

Anthony Pappalardo is the co-author of Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music published by MTV in 2008. He also wrote for Slap magazine from 1997 to 2002. Pappalardo’s writing has been published in Alternative Press, Mass Appeal, and Magnet. He currently records music as the Italian Horn and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Max G. Morton’s writing came to be after he started organizing the stories of his extraordinary life in 2004. Isolated in the desert, one on one with demons (physical & mental) Morton made a pact with the Wolves.

Max’s out-of-print debut, Indestructible Wolves of the Apocalypse Junkyard, was published in 2007. His 2008 compendium 23 led to his first standing-room-only reading at the Strand bookstore. Morton’s second full-length book, Looking For the Magic, was released in July 2009 and over a dozen fanzines. In 2010, Morton released Initiation, a book-length fanzine of short stories to accompany his performance at the New Museum as part of the Brion Gysin: Dream Machine exhibition. He currently runs Heartworm Press alongside Wesley Eisold, and resides in Connecticut. His writing has been featured in The Village Voice, his words performed with Cold Cave on the track “Heavenly Metals,” and he has performed alongside Boyd Rice, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and John Joseph.

Morton’s latest writing can be found in the Vox Populi/Participant Press release Dead Flowers, with Gary Indiana, Antony Hegarty, Bruce LaBruce, Vaginal Davis, Eileen Myles, and Ed Halter.

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