Vice Dos & Don’ts 2: 17 Years of Street Fashion Critiques

by the Editors of Vice Magazine

Fashion / Humor
7 x 9 inches
336 Pages
1000 full-color photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-409-7
$23.00 CAD


It has been eight years since the last book of DOs & DON’Ts. In that time, Vice magazine’s flagship column has changed from a couple guys in Brooklyn musing about pants to an international fashion juggernaut. With pictures sent in from thousands of contributors around the world and captions written by fives of opinionated cranks around Vice’s offices in New York and London, the DOs & DON’Ts now represent the most incisive and honest commentary on street fashion in the last million years of humans wearing clothes.

This book collects the most exuberant DOs and lowliest, most stomach-turning DON’Ts from the last three years of Vice magazine and, and presents them unto you in one tidy volume perfect for the cistern of your toilet or wherever else you keep your important reading material.

Vice magazine started out as a lowly newsprint punk zine in 1994 in Montreal. Now it’s this big, weird, famous, smart and stupid magazine that’s published in 22 (that’s right, fucking 22) countries. We mix real-deal investigative journalism, witty and learned interviews, the best young photographers and artists, and a total global perspective with dick jokes, gratuitous nudity, and questionable opinions on how to live one’s life. Then we fart it all out every month in a magazine that is so good, people get visibly angry and jealous when they touch it. Oh well. That’s their problem.

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