neü sex

by Sasha Grey

Celebrity / Erotica / Vérité
6.7 x 9 inches
192 pages
150 full-color photographs
ISBN 978-1-57687-556-8
$35.00 CAD


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“Documenting myself has almost become a necessity.”

—Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey, burgeoning icon and sexual provocateur, shares some of the many portraits and self-portraits she’s amassed over the past several years. Coupled with her personal writings on sexuality, identity and personal liberty, they form a narrative of irrepressible spirit and relentless energy, as funny as it is sexy, as familiar as it is mysterious. These are the intimate moments that cannot be fabricated.

Sasha Grey was born on March 14th, 1988 in Sacramento, California. Grey is an American actor, writer, photographer, musician, film producer, and one of the most successful adult film performers of her generation. Her stage surname, Grey, refers to two things: Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and the Kinsey scale of sexuality. She made her breakthrough performance as the star of Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience. Since then, Sasha has continued to solidify her talents through various acting roles. At The New Museum in New York City, she took on the character of “Molly Millions” for a stage performance of Brody Condon’s Case, a reading of William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Later, Sasha starred in Lee Demarbre’s Smash Cut, garnered a prominent role as the girlfriend of lead character Vinnie Chase on HBO’s Entourage, and landed a role in Mark Pellington’s I Melt With You. Grey has also moved behind the camera, pro-ducing her first feature length film, Modus Operandi. Additionally, Sasha has contributed vocals on albums for Current 93 and Lee “Scratch” Perry. Her band, aTelecine, released their debut A Vigilant Car Park in 2009, and has since released two more full length albums. This is her first book.

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