Yes Rasta

by Patrick Cariou
Introduction by Perry Henzell

Photography / Reggae Culture
10.25 x 12.75 inches
176 pages
105 tritone photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-073-0


With a penchant for adventure, it is no wonder photographer Patrick Cariou—whose first book, Surfers, drew tidal waves of praise—journeyed to Jamaica, a land that he calls “pure madness, and one of the most dangerous places on earth that is not at war.” There, he entered the secluded world of the Rastafarians, a world, culture, and religion closed to outsiders. Cariou slowly gained their trust, and they began to let him take their picture.

With bold black-and-white portraits and landscapes, Cariou indelibly captured the strict, separatist, jungle-dwelling, fruit-of-the-land lifestyle—popularized by reggae legends Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Burning Spear—in images never before seen, until now. In Yes Rasta—the phrase spoken by true Rastafari when greeting each other—Cariou’s direct, classical photographs reveal men whose style and attitude are as distinctive as their dreadlocks. Men who have left the modern world of Babylon in pursuit of their own independence. Men whose lives are intertwined with the tropical landscape, and whose rituals, symbols, philosophies, religion, medicine, agriculture, family structure, and remarkable strength make the definitive statement of self-reliance.

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