Bros & Brosephines

Slava Mogutin

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Trim Size: 9-1/2 x 12
Page Count: 176
ISBN: 9781576878248

Over the past two decades, the exiled Russian artist Slava Mogutin has gained international acclaim for his gritty, candid portrayal of disaffected youth and documentation of alternative urban subcultures, as well as his writings, multimedia work and political activism. Bros & Brosephines is a survey of Mogutin’s studio and fashion photography, commissioned portraits and previously unpublished outtakes and behind-the-scenes shots. From his early raw film snapshots to elaborate sets and post-production manipulations, the book offers Mogutin’s signature explosive blend of art, fashion and fetish, transcending and dissecting the conventional notions of beauty and masculinity. The monograph also features Mogutin’s collaborations with fellow artists, including Brian Kenny, Steven Klein, Josh Lee, Asher Levine, François Sagat, and Nicolas Santos.


Jockstrap Dogs
Helmut Go-Go
Bros Blowin’ Shotties
Gods and Monsters
Entropy Parade
Casual Encounters
SM Collider
Bro Island
Drawn Together

Slava Mogutin is a Siberian-born artist, writer and filmmaker exiled from Russia for his outspoken queer writings and activism. Mogutin’s work is informed by his bicultural literary and dissident background, encompassing the themes of displacement and identity; transgression and transfiguration of masculinity and gender crossover; urban youth subcultures and adolescent sexuality; the clash of social norms and individual desires; the tension between attachment and disaffection, hate and love. Over the past two decades, Mogutin’s photography and multimedia work have been exhibited internationally and featured in a wide range of publications including Flash Art, i-D, Dazed & Confused, L’Uomo Vogue, Stern, Libération, and The New York Times. He is the author of two critically acclaimed monographs of photography, Lost Boys and NYC Go-Go, and a collection of writings in English, Food Chain.

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